Robert Mukwaya

Knowledge Management Coordinator.

 Mukwaya is a knowledge management coordinator. He is a  Development Social Worker, and Researcher with a background in Social Work, Counseling and Clinical Psychology. He has over 10years experience in SRHR programming for Female Sex workers and Adolescents in their diversity. He posses wealthy of experience in research, program management, program coordination and strategic design, planning, management, monitoring and evaluation, policy analysis, policy advocacy, relationship building, community life competence and Stepping Stone approaches with a range of NGOs. Relatedly, Robert has special interest in research, documentation and models of social change. He is one of the brains behind AWAC models such as the CHLEGs. Robert is passionate about human rights and works towards evidence-based programming that can support the realization of an environment where Female sex workers are free from human rights abuse and living healthy and productive lives.

 A focus has been on working for the inclusion of vulnerable and marginalized groups, including adolescents and young girls with disabilities, Living with and affected by HIV&AIDS among others into development programmes, policies and plans. Mukwaya has experience with programmes in East and Southern Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa), and East Asia (India) and is fluent in English. He has worked with organizations including Uganda Reach the Aged Association (URAA) and HelpAge International, Traditional Health Practitioners Together against AIDS (THETA Uganda), Uganda MenEngage Network/Mama’s Club Uganda. Worked with AIDS Information Centre-Uganda (AIC) as the Advocacy, Sexual Reproductive Health and Gender Officer. He managed the 8th GoU/UNFPA Country Programme 2016-2020. Mukwaya is the Programs Manager at Alliance of Women Advocating for Change (AWAC).  He has also conducted short-term assignments for Ministry of Health (MOH) in partnership with WHO, UNFPA, Transgender Equality Uganda (TEU) and the Community Health Rights Network (COHERINET) in Uganda. Mukwaya is currently focused on strategic planning, project planning, design, development and implementation, policy advocacy, resource mobilization and skills building. He has exceptional understanding of human rights based approach in pragmatic areas of; Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH), Gender Based Violence (GBV), HIV&AIDS, Human Rights, Food and Nutrition, Social Protection and Public Health. He has built resilient communities of young people including young girls that are demanding for quality services including Education, Health, HIV&AIDS/SRH and Social Protection Services using Community Life Competence (CLC) and Stepping Stone Approaches (SSA) nationally including Karamoja Region.

Areas of Expertise (Skills and Knowledge): Policy Analysis, Evidence Based Policy Advocacy, Facilitating Organizational Capacity Assessment; Strategic Planning and Institutional Development; Programme Design and Management; Financial Management; Budget Monitoring and Management; Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning; Leadership and Management; Change Planning and Risk Management; Research and investigation; Capacity building and training; Fundraising and Friendraising/Project Proposal Writing; Media and Documentation; Raportuering (conferences, meetings, seminars, dialogues and AGMs among others); Partnership and Coalition Building; Curriculum design and development; Team Building; Performance Management; Basic Epidemiology and Statistics; HIV&AIDS Management and Counselling; Resource Development; Fostering Change in Health Services; Strategic Information (SI); CRIS 3; GIS/GPS/RS; Population, Health and Environment (PHE); Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA); Disaster Management; Field Adapted Survey Toolkit (FAST); Family Planning; FP/RH for PLHIV; Maternal Survival; PMTC; Malaria; Gender and Development; Institutional Capacity Building; Conflict Analysis; Computer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, outlook). Program areas of experience: Child Protection, Sexual Reproductive Health; Family Planning; Health and HIV&AIDS; Social Protection; Education, Emergencies; Livelihoods/IGAs and Food Security; Gender Mainstreaming and Human Rights and Men Engage.