Appeal for support

Humble Call for Emergency Support- #Save AWAC New Model DiC/Safe Space in response to the unprecedented threats of eviction from our current premises by the landlord.

The Alliance of Women Advocating for Change (AWAC) Urgent Appeal: Relocation and Remodelling of AWAC New Model Drop-in Centre (DiC) Safe Space.

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Kyomya Macklean: +256 774 603 754

Ssemakula Michael: +256 781 415 037


In January 2018, AWAC established its first Drop-in Center (DiC) in Katwe Slums to address the unmet needs of various sex worker sub-populations, the DiC was later moved to Mengo in 2020 and it has been a Center since then. Now, due to eviction threats as the owners of the space want to sell it off, AWAC urgently requires support for relocating and remodelling the DiC in Mengo at a new location. This move is essential to ensure continued access to health, economic, social, and protection services for sex workers facing intersecting vulnerabilities. Since her inception, AWAC has reached over 32,000 SWs with services in 57 districts targeting SWs with multiple and intersecting vulnerabilities especially: SWs with disabilities; SWs in & out of the Settlements; Migrant SWs; SWs using and injecting drugs; Aging SWs; SWs living with HIV& AIDs; SWs in hard-to-reach settings – such as (Islands, landing sites, plantation and quarries areas) among others in Uganda.

The AWAC Model Drop-in Center (DiC) has been operating in the current rented premises in Mengo Nabulagala Road since Jan 2020 where it serves sex workers on a range of services. Annually, the centre serves 8,254 SWs on PrEP, 452 SWs on ART, 108 SWs who use and inject drugs with mental health & psychosocial support services; 300 SWs with contraception & Post Abortion care of women advocating for change services, 82 SWs access livelihoods and economic resilience services & 35 SWs with Psychosocial support for cancer. The DiC is now threatened with eviction following the landlord’s offer to sell the premises arising out of pressure from his relatives castigating sex workers of immorality and their linkage to the LGBTQ community. AWAC and the sex workers community are profoundly worried this important work might be no more, yet it is the lifeline for many sex workers and LGBTQ persons living in this area. Its from the above background that AWAC calls for support to our rescue to secure multi-year rent, shifting of our items, erecting necessary structures and remodelling the AWAC new safe space for service delivery and continues work.

Background to the Incident: On September 15, 2023, an aunt of the current landlords expressed strong objections to the use of the family property for sex work-related services. Despite AWAC’s efforts to explain the positive impact on the community, tensions escalated, resulting in a decision to sell the premises. This sudden development has left AWAC in a critical situation.

The Impact of AWAC’s DiC/Safe Space: The current DiC/safe space has significantly improved the lives of sex workers, providing them with essential services and empowering them in various ways. It has also become a hub for learning and collaboration, attracting regional and national entities involved in key population programming.


AWAC Response Plan: AWAC’s attempt to purchase the property was met with resistance from the landlord’s aunt, leaving relocation as the only option. The identified space offers a suitable alternative, allowing for continued service provision. However, this entails substantial costs for shifting, security systems, erecting structures, and ensuring privacy, safety, and security.


Appeal for Support: To facilitate this urgent relocation and remodelling, AWAC requires USD 208,100 (UGX 749,160,000). This will cover various expenses, including; Rent for 2 Years as we stabilize; Security Strengthening for AWAC DiC Safe Space; Erecting of 9×9 parameter wall round the 29 Decimal space, finishing of the 9×9 parameter wall round the 29 Decimal space, Finishing of the 9×9 parameter wall round the 29 Decimal space; and Other Security Items.


Banking Details:

Bank Name:  Absa Bank Uganda Ltd;

Address: Plot 2/4 Hannington Road Kampala; P.O. Box 7101 Kampala, Uganda

Account Name: Alliance of Women Advocating for Change (AWAC) Ltd

A.) WAC USD Account Number:6007782924 (Currency, USD),

B.) AWAC UGX Account Number:6007782940 (Currency, UGX) SWIFT Code: BARCUGKX

For US Dollar Transfers Correspondent Bank: CITIBANK New York, Swift Address: CITIUS33 ABA; Routing Number:021000089.


Conclusion: AWAC’s critical work with sex workers faces a significant threat due to the imminent sale of their current premises. Urgent support is needed to ensure continuity of services in a new, safe space. AWAC appeals to partners, stakeholders, and well-wishers to contribute to this vital cause.

For contributions, please use the provided bank details with the hashtag #SaveAWACModelDiC. All funds will be audited by an external auditor to ensure transparency.


Your support will make a profound impact on the lives of sex workers and the broader community they serve. Together, we can secure a brighter, safer future for all.

Mission; “To build a resilient Female Sex Workers’ (FSW) movement that advocates for equitable & Sustainable Universal Healthcare, & Promotion of Human Rights and Social Economic Justice in Uganda.”